Happy new week to our Connect Community, and an exciting one I hope it’ll be for us all.

As a short recap, last week we announced our issuance of a MSB License in Canada. Our press release had great exposure and was picked up by quite a few outlets including Yahoo Finance. This is exciting for the team as we prepare for upcoming announcements and press releases. Seeing something that we dedicate so much of our energy towards get the exposure it deserves helps keep us grinding away.

The Token Portal is going through some quality of life updates weekly…

This past week at Connect Financial there were very few dull moments. It’s been all hands on deck to finish the preparations for the initial client portal release. Things are looking on track for a mid month release and we’ll continue to release updates and announcements through our social media outlets.

We also oversaw the addition of four new staff members with them being onboarded, brought up to speed and assigned their first tasks. This included the two previously mentioned team members on the corporate side and an additional two full stack engineers.

Work continues on our technology development of…

This quarter definitely flew by and we’re looking forward to our Q2 road map and deliverables. And if you’re wondering what those are just keep reading and let’s start digging in!

Connect Financial was effectively released to the public in this quarter and we’ve been extremely happy with the progress and growth of the community. We continue to prepare our support staff and websites for our impending product release and are ready to see our communities continue to grow. I want to take a quick second and thank all our Community Moderators for the work they do. …

Another week of development(s) and another Weekly Update for you to digest.

Let us start first with a recap of the last week -

The big news last week was our first centralized listing with Bitmax (https://bitmax.io/en/basic/cashtrade-spottrading/usdt/cnfi) and the team has been elated with the outcome. Bitmax provided us flawless technical assistance and launch of the market was seamless.

This additional market has given Connect Financial exposure into new market areas and provided us a new venue for global liquidity provisioning of CNFI tokens.

The Client Portal team sat down this past week and went through our “Road to Client…

Dear Community,

On Monday March 8, 2021 we conducted an AMA with the team at BitMax Exchange (bitmax.io) to celebrate our new Listing Partnership and introduce Connect Financial to their telegram community of over 40,000 members. We’re both proud and excited to have formed this relationship and look forward to continuing our quest to make CNFI even more visible and accessible by announcing additional exchange partnerships in the future.
Here is the transcript to the AMA for your reference and review. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out.

Q: If you don’t mind, maybe we can…

Good day to our Connect Community, we’re here with another week of development highlights and what is on the horizon!

Our first piece to cover is the Staking Portal update. This week we squashed quite a few of the remaining bugs in the app and have continued to thoroughly test it. At this moment the last issues are all in our view layer, which is how the app website decodes the data from the smart contract and renders it on your screen. …

As we look back at another week of development at Connect Financial we want to thank our community for their support and look forward to your feedback as you start to utilize our services and dApps.

This update we want to start off with the question we see a lot “When staking”.

We are working feverishly to finish the staking contract and dApp website up. As of our team update today all of our logic in the smart contract is completed, we had to rewrite the logic behind the penalty for unstaking if you were earning your Evolution Bonus to…

Connect Financials Card Line Up

We hope everyone has had a great week and have continued to stay safe.

With another week down we sit down at look at whats been accomplished, what we have coming, and anything else that fits in here.

In the past week we have set up two AMA’s with new communities that we’ll be announcing in the upcoming weeks. We continue to look to gain exposure into crypto communities or any groups that are cryptocentric. If you run a community you can reach us at pr@connect.financial to setup an AMA.

Recently we have also taken note from our community members…

As we prepare to launch our Token Portal which is your gateway to interact with and view a multitude of information having to do with the Connect Tokens, Treasury Tokens and Governance, we are taking this time to do a write up to explain some of the systems.

Keep in mind as we go through this that some systems may change overtime as we upgrade our contracts and that some values may change as the DAO votes on any changes.

Our main goal when we develop anything regarding the token is keeping in mind that we want the power to…

Connect Financials Black Metal Visa Credit Card

As we put a wrap on the first month of 2021 we’re putting the wrap on our first community release, the first portion of our Token Portal, the Staking contract and page.

The Token Portal will serve as the users dashboard for interacting with the Connect Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. From the Staking Tab, users can initially Stake Tokens, Withdraw or Reinvest Rewards, or Unstake. …

Connect Financial

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