Good day everyone and welcome to another round of updates for what is going on in the world of Connect.

This past week we have seen a large up tick in strategy meetings as we are really approaching the kick off of our go to market strategy.

The core team has split their time between continuing to build out our support structure, which includes things like our written FAQ, Intercom integration, support staff job description/budget projections and maybe most importantly a formal white paper. …

Welcome to another installment of the Connect Financial update!

This past week the development team continued polishing and completing the front end. The team spent quite a bit of time going through different scenarios on individual parts of the site, ensuring we have covered as many outcomes as possible. This consumes quite a bit of time as we identify “not intended” behaviors that users may do, like quitting the card application process midway through completing KYC and returning later.

As part of the polish being done we have also gotten the upgrades to the Affiliate section ready to deploy. This…

Good day to everyone in the Connect Financial and Crypto worlds. Today’s update will actually be covering the last couple of weeks progress as we did not have a weekly update last week due to various holidays. The core team returned after the long weekend a bit recharged and ready to continue our push towards the market release of our flagship products.

Over the last few weeks the team(s) have been focusing on these areas that we’ll review today:

  • Client Portal Development
  • Government and DAO deployment
  • Treasury and Connect Protocols
  • New Landing Site final checks

Client Portal Development

The work…

Welcome everyone to another weekly update from your core team at Connect Financial.

Over the past week the main development team has been busy going through the onboarding process from end to end and finishing up the card control dashboard in the client portal.

On the backend we are working through refinement of our message delivery routing, which includes things like price delivery for buy/sell/swap and the messaging queue for actions waiting completion, such as awaiting confirmations on deposits or an out going transaction.

We continue to train the customer service leads, who are also working through the FAQ’s and…

Welcome to another weekly update for everything Connect Financial.

To start with, we want to give a shout out and ask that you check out this new video that came out today from Josh Cross with Defi Now. You can see his video here.

This past week the core team has been busy completing internal procedures and policies, writing customer support work flows, and a myriad of other exciting necessary preparations for having a live product and system.

The dev team continues to check off the remaining items on the Client portal, with a significant amount of internal testing still…

Welcome everyone to another weekly update. This week we are excited to try something a little different. We want to share with you a few minutes of video as we show off some of the nearing finished work on the Client Portal instead of writing about it.

We have some refinements on wording and a bit of the flow yet but we are very pleased with the progress to date. A website like this will never truly be done as we will continue to improve and expand it’s functionality.

Before we post the video though we also want to let…

Welcome to any new visitors who are reading up on Connect Financial for the first time. We are very quickly closing in on our product live dates and things at Connect are non stop right now. Every week we give a brief update of our past week in various areas to shed some insight on what goes on behind the scenes.

This past week part of the core team was at Bitcoin ’21 very much under the radar overall but were able to connect with some of our key networking connections and have a few meetings. So apologies to any…

We hope everyone’s had a good week so far and are ready for another weekly update on all things Connect Financial.

On Thursday of last week we held the community AMA which saw a lot great questions get thrown at the team, we were answering for about three hours and will post the transcript of it here in the next few days.

We’re excited this week to be releasing the updated roadmap that takes us through the remainder of Q2 and through Q3. There are a few additional key items which may make it into Q3 near the end, but…

Welcome to a new week at Connect Financial and a new update.

First up is confirmation of the Community AMA. We will hold it on Thursday afternoon (PST time) in the Discord channel. We will relay the AMA to the telegram channel during the event. We’ll start collecting some questions from the community on Discord and Telegram this week. Look for more information tomorrow on the format and all details.

This past week the core development team has been hard at work on the next phase of the client portal, this is considered our full client for the users. …

Welcome to another episode of our weekly update. This week we wanted to give updates on more of the operational progress of Connect after a brief development update.

Before we get into it though, we also want to announce we will be doing a community AMA. We are working with the moderators to set a time and forum for it, and as soon as we have it finalized with them we will push out another announcement well in advance.

On the development side we are preparing an update to the current client portal release, which will address a few quality…

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