Welcome to another weekly update for all things Connect Financial! I’ve retyped this opening a few times already, at times I feel it’s repetitive, others I want to start with an interesting anecdote or such. But sometimes I just need to go with what’s familiar and accept that most of you probably don’t read this for the intro, you just want the good stuff, and who are we to keep you waiting?

User Testing -

This has formally begun with the first very small initial handful getting access to a part of the newly finished onboarding flow. …

Welcome back everyone to the Weekly update, it’s felt like longer than just two weeks since our last update and we have a bit to go through.

We recently announced our invites to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the client portal. This is a big step for us as it’ll be the first look at the client portal for anyone outside of the organization and the next step towards our full product launch.

The initial testers will begin to be invited this week in a controlled environment. What that means is that:

  1. User information maybe reset periodically as we make…

Welcome to this weeks update for things happening throughout the Connect Ecosystem.

To start off with a quick update, due to the holiday next week and some scheduled travel for meetings, there will not be an update next week (Sept 6th or 7th depending on where you are at).

We successfully deployed an update to the staking contract today that corrected an issue that could arise if there was more than three days in between any interaction with the staking contract.

To say that there are many initiatives going on right now would be a slight understatement. I have to…

Good evening and welcome to this weeks insight into whats new and happening at Connect Financial.

To start this week off we want to give a few updates on some various items that the community has asked about recently:

Card Production and Delivery - We have signed, sealed and delivered the final contract with our manufacturing partner for the cards. This process took a few extra weeks the finalize between contract revisions and other various logistical questions that were necessary to get solidified. This is both an exciting and slightly nerve wracking ordeal to go through, as it’s not every…

Good evening everybody and welcome to our weekly update for the Week of August the 16th.

To start off this update I just want to take a moment to express our gratitude for our Moderator team and other veteran community members who are in our channels every day answering questions and in general being light hearted and making us laugh. Most of us on the core team would like to have a lot more interaction with the community on a daily basis, but with our schedules and the work we are doing it makes it difficult.

This past week was…

Hello everybody and welcome back, you’ve all survived yet another week so here is your reward in form of some Weekly Updates!

As some of you may have noticed our token portal got an upgrade this last week with the addition of native support for the following wallets:

Metamask, Authereum, Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey, Cobo Vault, Wallet Connect, Opera, Torus, Coinbase Wallet, Frame, Gnosis Safe, and the XDefi Wallet.

We’ve also made preparations for cross chain usage with network checking by the portal to make sure you are on the correct chain based on which contract you’re interacting with.

The next…

Happy new week to everyone, the team is back with yet another set of updates for you all!

First though, I’d like to take a minute and give a little insight into the weekly updates, or even any update that we give. So consider this a little editorial comment -

The weekly updates are something that we committed to from the very beginning to keep the communities updated with our overall progress and information on processes/upgrades. …

Good day everyone and welcome to another round of updates for what is going on in the world of Connect.

This past week we have seen a large up tick in strategy meetings as we are really approaching the kick off of our go to market strategy.

The core team has split their time between continuing to build out our support structure, which includes things like our written FAQ, Intercom integration, support staff job description/budget projections and maybe most importantly a formal white paper. …

Welcome to another installment of the Connect Financial update!

This past week the development team continued polishing and completing the front end. The team spent quite a bit of time going through different scenarios on individual parts of the site, ensuring we have covered as many outcomes as possible. This consumes quite a bit of time as we identify “not intended” behaviors that users may do, like quitting the card application process midway through completing KYC and returning later.

As part of the polish being done we have also gotten the upgrades to the Affiliate section ready to deploy. This…

Good day to everyone in the Connect Financial and Crypto worlds. Today’s update will actually be covering the last couple of weeks progress as we did not have a weekly update last week due to various holidays. The core team returned after the long weekend a bit recharged and ready to continue our push towards the market release of our flagship products.

Over the last few weeks the team(s) have been focusing on these areas that we’ll review today:

  • Client Portal Development
  • Government and DAO deployment
  • Treasury and Connect Protocols
  • New Landing Site final checks

Client Portal Development

The work…

Connect Financial

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