Connect Financial AMA

Who are we?

While Connect Financial is a fresh name in the marketplace, our team members have been working in Financial Technology (Fintech), International Banking, Insurance, Credit Services, Precious Metals, Investment Banking, Consumer Lending, and Cryptocurrencies for decades. Our advisors and partners all bring expertise gained from working with Blue Chip organizations and financial institutions, including Wells Fargo. We are PCI level 1 compliant, safely handling more than 6 million card transactions per year.

Connect Financial / Axion Discord AMA:

The AMA questions have been broken up into categories listed below:

Card Basics

Q: How can I apply for the card?


Q: Is there a one card for all, or there is few types of cards with different benefits?


Q: Do you support off ramp crypto to SEPA?


Q: Is this card only for the US, or will other countries be able to get it?


Q: What kind of fees are there for the card?

Axion Branded Cards

Q: Will there be an Axion branded card? Or will there be an option for this in the future?


Q: When can we apply for the card?

About Connect Financial

Q: Are you a new company? Because some of your website’s links like your social media directs you back to the homepage.

Credit Card Art

After kicking things off, we released some of the first art that could be chosen for our Connect Card in our fast growing Discord server. Join our community channels to keep up-to-date on all card updates! Better yet, design your own and submit them to the appropriate Discord channel for your chance to win some Connect Financial tokens!



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