Connect Financial Community Update

Connect Equity

Connect VC


  • Use of DAO Treasury funds
  • Changes to the DAO structure
  • Strategic investments
  • Performance rewards

Case study — ConnectDAO increases Connect Financial’s lending pools

  1. DAO members add a proposal to raise the lending pool funds, and it passes with a majority vote.
  2. A smart contract immediately releases the funds from the liquidity pool and transfers them to the lending pool.
  3. The lending pool is opened to customers, generating fees as users interact with borrowing services.
  4. A performance fee is paid to the DAO treasury, and a quarterly dividend is paid out to DAO members.


Participating in the DAO

  1. Balance: Quickly view your total balance and any balance that has not been committed towards a membership or Connect Financial products. Additionally, you can see how much your balance has increased or decreased in the last 24 hours pending on market price.
  2. Overview of your current membership status. Easily understand how much is locked in, when you can rebalance your CNFI for the membership holding and view how much reward you have earned to date on membership value staked.
  3. CNFI token details. From market price, tokenization metrics including market cap, circulating supply, release per day, etc.



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