Connect Financial Community Update

“Change is inevitable. Will you drive that change or be driven by it?” — Josh Linkner

  • A Crypto centric Neobank
  • Banking Products that are built for the Crypto Community
  • A Crypto Powered Credit Card
  • Carefully curated Benefits for our members that provide lifestyle and unique experiences
  • Rewards that give you freedom to choose how you receive them
  • A platform where customer service is viewed as an extension of our marketing. There is no better testament or attractor to new users than the praise of our existing members.

Card Partner Announcement

Card design

As a part of the new partnership, we have also redesigned all of the cards with an emphasis on showcasing the benefit programs and the core logos.

Waitlist release

As we draw closer to our initial MVP launch, it is officially time to formally register to be one of the very first people to be able to sign up for a Connect Financial credit card.



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