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6 min readApr 27, 2022


Welcome everyone to this edition of the community update! I’d like to firstly thank you for your patience as we delayed this update by a week, so let’s just hop right in.

In the last update we mentioned holding a community AM(A)A — We will be officially hosting it at 2pm CST on May 19th in the Discord channel. We will work to coordinate with our Telegram only members in relaying the Q&A’s during that time and then provide a full transcript shortly there after. Please check with Orange in either channel on providing a question prior to the AMA.

This AMA will give our community and key team members a chance to sit down together and discuss all things Connect in a more intimate and detailed manner.

In doing so, we will be foregoing the next weekly update scheduled for May 10th so we can focus on a few critical items on our lists, then the update proceeding the AMA will give an opportunity to provide follow ups on any questions.


In our last few updates, we focused the UIUX showcase on our platform developments including profile, membership and wallets. This week we would like to showcase our detailed card page. Users can quickly receive a summary of their card details, spend and card transactions. Along with viewing their collateral amount locked to the card, collateral assets, view loan details and easily manage payments.

Mobile App and Marketing

We wanted to take an opportunity and give a bit of insight into some of the behind the scenes on what it looks like at Connect from a design and Market perspective. These are the items that different teams meet on several times a week that take up a few hours each day from our time. This is usually very hard to relay in these updates as it doesn’t translate well into “wen card”.

Prior to commencing UIUX developments we perform granular competitive analysis of the top players in the industry regarding their mobile application presence and experience. Further to that, as this industry is rapidly evolving and users’ expectations are continuously changing and adapting to new mobile technologies, securities and crypto-based advancements we have established a variety of user personas to expand our market segmentation to ensure we exceed user’s expectations to support advanced crypto adopters.

Following this competitive analysis and user personas begin UX wireframe production on items such as our onboarding, account creation experience, logging in and managing password reset.

Following these steps we then commence onto the UX wireframes of our cards and wallet screens — allowing the ability to easily manage card transactions, payments, wallet accounts and buy/sell cryptocurrencies.


We are steadily moving towards our Go-To-Market. Our marketing team has been in strategic development preparing our marketing plan, including finalizing our competitive analysis, market research, target segmentation, and inbound and outbound campaign initiatives with their associated budgets. Our focus will be to create a two-way conversation through modern marketing actions with a primary focus on inbound campaigns to maximize our marketing return on investment.

The team knows the importance of ensuring content is relevant to our target audience and brings inspiration, attraction and a lasting engagement with our products. 90% of consumers find custom content useful, and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.

Our marketing methodology follows the SOSTAC structure:

  1. S — Situation: Analysis of where we are currently at.
  2. O — Objectives: Analysis of where we want to be.
  3. S — Strategy: How do we plan to get there?
  4. T — Tactics: Details of the strategy through marketing campaigns and actions.
  5. A — Action: Planning and execution of tactics
  6. C — Control: Measurable ROI when and what happens.

As a segment within the marketing strategy plan, we have articulated our top five target audiences as the following:

  1. Expert Crypto User
  2. Moderate Crypto User
  3. New Crypto User
  4. Underbanked
  5. Unbanked

Users within these segmentations are looking to advance their financial goals and portfolio while obtaining autonomy, flexibility, freedom, control, and products that outperform traditional banks on high interest-earning wallets and credit. Connect Financial will drive its marketing campaigns to reach each of these user segments in a manner that resonates and is impactful to each of their wants and needs.

Market Size:
USA Crypto Holders:

  • 27 million people, 8.3% of America’s total population

CAD Crypto Holders:

  • 14% cryptocurrency ownership 5.3M people

Global Crypto Holders:

  • 3.9%, with over 300 million crypto
    users worldwide

Underbanked in North America

  • 5.4% (7.1M people)

We are very excited to be getting closer to our GTM and to bring a leading Fintech solution into your everyday lives and advance your financial possibilities.

Connect Your Crypto. Your World. Your Life.

Additionally, our team has launched a new article this week:

How the Fintech Sector with Crypto is Enhancing Access and Flexibility to Credit

Regardless of status, access to credit is a crucial part of financial growth and inclusion. Sadly, however, it’s those who need such facilities most that lack access to them.

If you’re struggling to get credit or the terms you receive are unfavorable, you’re not alone. According to a World Bank report, approximately 1.7 billion adults across the globe are unbanked. Closer home, over one-third of American adults are underbanked or unbanked.

In fairness, one of the primary reasons the level of financial inclusion is still wanting is the traditional banking system’s limitations. But now, with the rise of Fintech and crypto banking solutions, things are changing.

Projections indicate that mobile transactions will grow by 121% in 2022. As a result, they’ll now comprise 88% of all banking transactions. With such solutions to traditional banks gaining momentum, banks are increasingly worried about losing a significant chunk of their business to standalone Fintech solutions in the coming years…

In this article we further discuss:

  1. Why are users turning to Fintech solutions?
  2. Top trends in Fintech and Crypto business solutions
  3. How people worldwide can leverage Fintech solutions to take control of their credit on their terms.

Read the Article —

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