Connect Financial — January 31st Community Update

Connect Financials Black Metal Visa Credit Card

As we put a wrap on the first month of 2021 we’re putting the wrap on our first community release, the first portion of our Token Portal, the Staking contract and page.

The Token Portal will serve as the users dashboard for interacting with the Connect Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. From the Staking Tab, users can initially Stake Tokens, Withdraw or Reinvest Rewards, or Unstake. In the future you’ll be able to also Recast (Connect Treasury will buy back your staking rewards directly through the contract using a rolling two day price average from Uniswap ETH-CNFI market and pay you Ethereum) or Rebalance (Remove a portion of their stake to rebalance their tier requirement based on the DAO’s current set levels without impacting their Card status or Evolution Staking Bonus).

The Treasury section will give the users a list of metrics on the Connect Treasury contract(s). It will show the current amount of this quarters pCNFI they are earning daily, how many pCNFI were created and claimed last quarter, the current APY earnings from the treasury, current funds in the contracts, estimated current quarterly payout, a record of last quarters payouts, estimated value of the previous quarters unclaimed pCNFI tokens and much much more.

Our Goverance/DAO section will be the entry way for anyone to make a proposal to the DAO, view Current or Past Proposals and their Status. Also, Users who own DAO tokens will be able to delegate their power to another address.

The Tokenomics page will display all of the pertinent information for anything to do with the CNFI token. It will display all of the different areas where tokens are allocated that make up the circulating supply and total supply.

With great excitement we would like to announce that Connect Staking will go Live on Thursday February 4th at roughly 3pm PST. We want to give everyone who wants to partake in Staking to have enough time to prepare and get staked from day one.

Pre-Release Connect Financial Staking Page

Prior to Thursday we will release full staking technical details and complete page usage walkthroughs and information.