Connect Financial Weekly Update

Welcome to this weeks update on the progress of Connect Financial as we march towards release.

First up our core development team, they remain highly focused on working through feedback on the site. With most of the more critical issues resolved at this point we sat back and took a look at some of the flows and designs as users navigate through pages or engage in our different products. We were able to cut out some extraneous button clicks or combine screens and reduce the time to complete tasks on a few of the flows. This reduces not only the time to success for your action but greatly reduces new user adoption frustration.

At the same time our backend team with the addition of two new senior developers were able to identify an opportunity to improve on our tech stack to increase front end productivity, reduce the amount of API calls made from the client to our database making the client portal require less resources to run and also providing a quicker response time and allowing more data to flow on the front end.

As a previously unannounced development today we delivered the MVP of a custom cryptocurrency on/off ramp widget for an upcoming fantasy sports website.

This product aligned very well with our product offerings to begin with and gave us a chance to provide a lightweight, quick deployment of a business channel for Connect Financial while supporting an industry that has a large use case potential.

Utilizing our custodial services and cryptocurrency exchange features this client is able to securely accept a multitude of cryptocurrency payments for their platforms credits, the users are also able to receive their payouts in nearly any cryptocurrency they prefer.

This current widget implementation will be refined to a general product that nearly any company will be able to sign up for the service and have a very flexible selection of accepted cryptocurrencies, favorable exchange fees and instant access to liquidity depth that can handle nearly any volume of traffic.

Our team also received contracts from a handful of Real Estate companies and we are working on deployment of our services for the buyers to have access to pay in crypto for their escrows, and the sellers to either receive fiat or crypto on their end even if the buyers don’t pay in crypto, the sellers can opt to receive their preferred crypto.

This gives the real estate companies access to a set of buyers who are interested in buying properties but the buyer may not know exactly how to transact with larger amounts of crypto to fiat or don’t want to convert to fiat beforehand and worry about FX conversion rates, international wires etc or just want to flex with the fact they bought with crypto.

We have started our final review of the White paper. Currently it is sitting at 46 pages and we are targeting to have it out in the next couple of weeks.

That’s a pretty short update there, I just wanted to touch base on it. It is a lot of reading to keep organized and make sure accurately reflects the project as a whole.

Update on website / marketing

We’ve had excellent feedback from the community regarding our new website presence and brand identity. When we took a cross-comparison from two weeks ago before the new identity and published site, we have experienced substantial growth. We have accumulated 388.3% new visitors to the site in the last seven days, page views have grown by 391%, and the bounce rate decreased by 1.85%, with 60.4% of the traffic coming direct. We want to thank you all for your fantastic support as we continue developing our global-leading Fintech solutions. Furthermore, we have seen a 40% growth in distribution and global reach through our new marketing efforts. North American reach and exposure have grown by over 1200%, Asia has increased by 980%, and Europe has increased by over 2500%.

Last week, we published a press release supporting our new brand identity launch that received a great response, being published 277 times and receiving a 26.5% engagement rate, which is 98.5% greater than industry average! If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can check it out here:

Lastly, we are beginning to implement our marketing strategy and, in association, our marketing face through the newly obtained Twitter handle that will represent all news and activities from Connect Financial. You can now forever follow us at @connect_fintech to stay updated on our business and product developments. In the coming weeks, you’ll see more of our marketing activities take form as we establish inbound industry-based and thought-leadership articles. Please stay tuned to our website, medium and social channels.