Connect Financial Weekly Update

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step — Chinese Proverb

Or in our case it begins with a single sign up. We’re excited that the initial Client Portal release is coming this Wednesday. We realize we have quite a bit of road left ahead of us until our final vision is achieved, so we can’t let these small(er) milestones and victories go without their own fanfare.

On the team side our focus this past week has been on the preparation of this deployment, creating the production environments, allocating resources and a countless number of other items.
We continue to actively assess our team needs and make additions as necessary. We’ve brought on a public relations firm that we are integrating in yet over the next week while they get more acquainted with our products and messaging. Expect to see a much more active, aggressive and robust social media presence in the coming weeks from them. There are also another five new team members, two senior team leads, and three junior engineers that are in the early stages of onboarding.

In other areas of the Connect Ecosystem after a few conversations with our Markets team we are monitoring the USDC-CNFI Uniswap pool and contemplating reallocating the liquidity there to other markets. This is after looking at the volume history of this trading pair, what it possibly brings to the CNFI token, and what it takes away.
On the negative side, and most importantly, it may actually increase our average users gas fees for trading due to the routing of orders. In example, when you place an order through the Uniswap screen, it may appear that you are only trading Eth for CNFI, but because we have the secondary USDC market open, it routes a percent of that order to the USDC market. This causes you to have more contract interactions and therefore more gas fees.
We’ll continue to review this over the week and make a final determination before the next update.

I realize this is a smaller update, but in a weekly cadence of updates like this it’ll happen sometimes. We hope you all have a great week and we look forward to Wednesday!