Connect Financial Weekly Update

Good day everyone and welcome to another round of updates for what is going on in the world of Connect.

This past week we have seen a large up tick in strategy meetings as we are really approaching the kick off of our go to market strategy.

The core team has split their time between continuing to build out our support structure, which includes things like our written FAQ, Intercom integration, support staff job description/budget projections and maybe most importantly a formal white paper. And some key technical meetings with our card processor and issuer to finalize our back end work with them.

We realize projects typically lead with a white paper for the new people to look at and gauge their interest in a project. To date we have had a few starts at doing a lite paper but have not been happy with the results so we’d elected to not post them. Instead we continued to build out the actual ecosystem until we got to a point where it would be a lot clearer to a well trained writer to see how this all fits together. We hit that point recently and have worked on structuring the whitepaper. Who we want it to appeal to, how we want it to be written, all of those things on top of locating the correct candidate to put it all together. We’re elated to share that the formal writing starts this Monday and will most likely be a four to six week process to complete.

The development team continued polish on the different aspects of the site, completing several tasks that mainly deal with event logging/messages to the user as their queued tasks, like a received deposit hitting required confirmations, are completed.

The main landing page revamp is all but completed, we’ve taken a few extra days to continue to refine a few areas but that work is done now. We will work on deploying it to the main site and it’ll be officially revealed based on the plan of the marketing team.

Our work continues on as scheduled, and we continue to feel that we can meet the current target dates.

Thank you as always for your contributions to our community and the continued excitement as we push ever closer to card deliveries.