Connect Financial Weekly Update

Connect Financial
2 min readOct 6, 2021


Good day to everyone in the Cryptoverse, we are back again with another Weekly Update.

Up first we wanted to quickly say Thank You for your patience at times with the updates. Our goal is to get them out on Mondays but at times things arise during the day that takes us away from it. This is especially true as we close in our product launch dates.

Over the last week we have done a massive amount of testing, discussions on feedback, and iterations. This encompasses a fair number of separate areas and subject matter such as:

  1. Client Portal — Changes in here are typically flow changes which require more UI/UX reworks which are a bit time consuming to work through.
  2. FAQ/Support — This contains over 100 help topics/FAQs on various items from resetting 2FAs to staking.
  3. Landing Page Update
  4. Internal Processes/Flows — Ranging from Customer Support, necessary hires as we close in on going live to operational discussions with our issuer regarding money flows.
  5. Whitepaper — The initial complete release candidate for the whitepaper is in our hands. We have been reviewing each section as it’s been completed but it now needs a final pass through in its entirety.

These items are all in the final stages and really have been 90% of our time over the last week.

We have brought on more community members to test and review each of these items (excluding 4 since that is internal) and they are giving us phenomenal feedback. We’ll be adding more users next week after we clean up the backlog of feedback and get anything updated prior to new eyes.

On our DEFI/Smart Contract side, we were set back by a major illness on our lead dev (he is slowly getting back to work) but have been able to bring on some assistance for him this past week to catch it back up. The contracts were already completed, we are just now finishing the UI updates to the Token Portal to allow for the DAO and Treasury to take life. This will also include our yield and lending defi protocols.

Thank you all for joining us and we hope you are staying happy and healthy. We will see you soon!