Connect Financial Weekly Update

Welcome to this weeks update for things happening throughout the Connect Ecosystem.

To start off with a quick update, due to the holiday next week and some scheduled travel for meetings, there will not be an update next week (Sept 6th or 7th depending on where you are at).

We successfully deployed an update to the staking contract today that corrected an issue that could arise if there was more than three days in between any interaction with the staking contract.

To say that there are many initiatives going on right now would be a slight understatement. I have to say that both our executive team and development team are handling all of the outstanding items and the in flow of necessary additions like complete champs. We have had our feature set locked for a while now but as we go through the onboarding and general use testing there are small items that is not quite right or isn’t as intuitive as we’d like.

That’s the blessing and the curse of building from the ground up, every little detail is up to us to recognize, design, build, test and iterate. And to add more on top, we have the physical object to produce and deliver.

All of that is just to say, we are very hard at work on the last details and at times it seems the launch checklist has no end. But it does, and we’re getting closer.

Over the past few weeks I am sure you have seen our participation in the Cardano Catalyst event. We are extremely humbled with the response from the ADA community and our own for this endeavor. As we move through the stages we’ll make sure Terry is updating the community with any information that is necessary through the normal announcement channels.

The Catalyst program has already provided Connect Financial with the opportunity to meet with some of the core team from IOHK and the Community as they assisted with refining the original submission. They have also given us more resources to review when it comes to Cardanos future contract platform.

Our main goal within Catalyst is to ensure Connect is seated to be a first mover and provide a bridged version of our protocols on Cardano as we feel it has a strong future as a competitor of Ethereum. This includes our Lending Pools and Yield Protocols being issued on Cardano on top of Ethereum and other chains.

Regardless of our outcome in Catalyst, we are 100% committed to delivering our credit card solution and supporting ADA as a collateral eligible holding on our platform.

What does our road map look like as far as launches?

We have several items that are nearing completion or are completed and ready for deployment. Here is a rough outline for the order of deployment -

Defi/Blockchain Launches — These all launch together as a complete package

  1. Governance/DAO — 100% completed
  2. Treasury — 100% Completed —
  3. Yield Protocols — Contracts 100% Complete — Initial Front End 95%
  4. Lending Pools — Contracts 100% Complete — Initial Front End 95%

On the non-contract side -

  1. New Landing Site
  2. Support/Knowledge Website
  3. Client Portal
  4. Physical Card Delivery
  5. Whitepaper

In addition to each of these main items there are several sub items that maybe part of it.

This represents quite a considerable amount of development that our teams have already completed. And while initial launches will be completed well before the end of ’21 the follow up work and iterations will definitely take us through the end of the year.

The community question for this week was actually covered in the Catalyst section with that our goal is and how we intend to integrate ADA.

With that I will end this weeks update, and my work day.

As always stay healthy, stay positive and be kind to others.

P.S. Almost forgot since we don’t have an update next Monday, we will be releasing the sign up sheet for user testing next week for the client portal.