Connect Financial Weekly Update

Welcome to the Connect Financial Weekly Update.. where we give you updates about the last week of things in the world of Connect Financial.

This past week we saw our initial testers working through our new user onboarding flow. The feedback has been extremely positive on our designs and processes. We’ve already begun to organize their feedback and curate it into a backlog for us to review and implement any changes necessary. We expect to have the next round of testers invited into the system next week.

Sample of part of the User Onboarding process

In the background we continue to perform simulated user stress tests across all of our systems. Utilizing virtual machines from around the world we are performing one hundred, a thousand, ten thousand requests per location per system in rapid succession measuring response time to the users, system stability under the stress and several other metrics.

Our credit engine is undergoing similar tests with us replaying market conditions from some historically volatile days on test scenarios to watch out the engine reacted/executed if necessary any liquidations or other notifications.

Each of these tests takes a bit of time to setup, run and analyze the data which is the majority of the teams time this past week but it is necessary for our system to be put through these types of tests.

Overall we are in the end phases of a lot of projects including development, corporate, and marketing. We have our final round of candidates for our premium card packaging (Black and Platinum cards) and I am at a loss of words for what you can do with cardboard, but it goes way beyond getting your card in an envelope with the snot glue on the back.

As always, we love our community and thank you for your feedback, camaraderie, and patience while we finish up a truly revolutionary product.