Connect Financial Weekly Update

Welcome to any new visitors who are reading up on Connect Financial for the first time. We are very quickly closing in on our product live dates and things at Connect are non stop right now. Every week we give a brief update of our past week in various areas to shed some insight on what goes on behind the scenes.

This past week part of the core team was at Bitcoin ’21 very much under the radar overall but were able to connect with some of our key networking connections and have a few meetings. So apologies to any of our community that were there and read this, we went purely for the meetings and didn’t promote that we there. All told the conference was very fortuitous for us. One result is we’ve started to envision and lay out what our future conference plans will be: public booth designs, kiosk terminals to showcase the client portal, which events to partake in. This in itself has become quite the undertaking already.

The development team has remained heads down and focused on the client portal release. We are about ready to allow for some community member testing to help us finalize the build. The widget dashboard is all in place, user card controls and full card page is complete, the wallet page is nearing completion and all that is left is the portfolio/vault section to be wired up and tested.

The new landing page is going through final wording revisions and looks (if I can say so) fantastic. It contains an abundance of information that you would normally see in a white/lite paper and portrays perfectly the level of product and service that you can expect from Connect Financial.

A few community leaders are finalizing the details for the referral contest that was announced, with all information planned for release in the next day or so. We are excited for the initiative taken to. put this together and are happy to support it with the prize pool.

That’s it for this week, with the added travel and meetings on top of our normal daily planning and work we’ve burned the candle on both ends these past few days.