Connect Financial Weekly Update

Welcome to this weeks update! Normally we’d give an update on progress from the development side but this past week it’d give us a very short update. They are hard at work on integrating in feedback from the testers.

So this week we want to touch on a lot of areas and give an update on several different items. Things that we’ve seen the community looking for some info as we have quite a few items on our boards at the moment being worked on it’s easy for us to go a month or so and miss out on updating re: a feature set.

And here we go!

Landing Site — For all intents and purposes this is stamped done. We are making very minor word corrections here and there based on feedback from a few testers we gave access to but nothing that will stop us from releasing it. So what is stopping us? As we wrapped up on the landing site we started working through the flow of the new users that will arrive and we found it really necessary to make some changes to the existing temporary portal that will match the new landing site. These were minor changes as it was just the login/sign up screen and changing what you see when you login. These changes are slated to be completed tomorrow with one day for any revisions/functionality testing. You can draw the conclusion from that statement on when you might see this unveiled.

White Paper — A while ago we announced we were having a full fledged white paper being written that was going to take several months to get the 1st release completed on. This version has been delivered and it is just going through complete end to end reading and updating any incorrect information and grammar.

This is being aimed for a November public release.

Smart Contracts — I felt like lumping these into one section here. The great news is our lead contract dev has recovered from being sick and returned to work this week. Already leading the way on wrapping up the few items outstanding.

We met a bit today to discuss the feasible possibilities to alleviate the staking costs that everyone is experiencing. And, we feel we’ve come up with a good solution that he is just writing up a proof of concept to run through on the test networks. The main issue being that we have a live contract already and we want to preserve the contract data so we don’t force users to have to restake or force unstake everyone to make any move. We will update as soon as we have a green light.

Treasury and Governance are getting their front end UI completed as we speak. We are excited to get the Treasury launched particularly as this product in itself is something that would be (and is) the entire basis for a project and will put Connect firmly into the Defi playing field.

Client Portal — This has been by far our largest undertaking overall. The UI for it has been undergoing review by a small amount of testers and their feedback has provided a lot of work for the devs. We are working on bringing online more pieces for the testers to review while we catch up on the backlog.

To assist in this process we’ve spent the last several weeks interviewing and sourcing four senior developers to add to the team. As of today we have made offers to two senior developers to add to the roster starting next week and came across two mid level developers that were available immediately. We are continuing the interviews/process on two more senior developers still.

These four developers represent a significant increase in our “firepower” due to their level of experience.

The main focus on testing is centered currently around our card product. New user flows, card sign ups, asset management inside the collateral wallet, interest and payments crediting/debiting etc.

We will be expanding this out into the Earning and Lending products next after we feel we have a full backlog from the testers on the Card side.

Physical Cards — aka The one that everyone really reads these for.

We are 100% in queue with the factory waiting for the first print runs to go. All details are finalized, hammered out, approved and paid in full. We had a few rounds with the factory to ensure they had our treatments correct (a treatment is something like matte finish here, gloss here) before they ran the full lot. Unfortunately this process was very much hurry up and wait as we sent emails back and forth. All experiences as we build our long term relationship and establish our product with them also.

Our shipping packaging is coming a long beautifully with Basic, Silver, Gold been finalized and samples on the way to me for inspection. The Platinum and Black are going through a minor revision before we get the die cuts for them and go to manufacture.

Founders NFT — Terry and I started working through this little thank you for our community members this week. We’ve laid out the qualifiers and are just working on the benefits/perks that’ll come with it. Along with designs and on which chain we’ll issue them.

We will release more information on this during the week through a normal announcement.

Well, I’m sure there are still a few items I could touch on so I will be skimming through the communities this next week to pick up any topics we didn’t this week.

As always, stay safe and stay kind!