Connect Financial Weekly Update

Happy new week to our Connect Community, and an exciting one I hope it’ll be for us all.

As a short recap, last week we announced our issuance of a MSB License in Canada. Our press release had great exposure and was picked up by quite a few outlets including Yahoo Finance. This is exciting for the team as we prepare for upcoming announcements and press releases. Seeing something that we dedicate so much of our energy towards get the exposure it deserves helps keep us grinding away.

The Token Portal is going through some quality of life updates weekly and in the background we are preparing for the full Treasury, Governance, and Connect Protocols to be released. We are looking at these being released by end of month. The next update will contain more details on the protocol and what it means for the community.

On the team side, we added one more full stack engineer this week to our team. We are continuing to develop our internal requirements for other team positions, these will include regional Community and Product Evangelists leads. When we have the position requirements and are ready to fill them we will open them up for application through the website.

This week we are all hands on deck preparing the Client Portal for initial release. We are on track for release on schedule, which means in only a few days we will push it live. Expect a mini-update with it’s release giving more details and information.

Thank you all for your continued support and we’ll see you all in a few days!

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