Connect Financial Weekly Update

Welcome to the big weekly update! After many months of hard work and development, we are pleased to be launching our new site to the crypto community. The primary objective of the new website is to expand the articulation of our products with their associated features and value sets to the market, powered and showcased under the revolutionized brand identity.

“We have grown our business significantly over the past several months, transforming our core platform offering better to serve our customer base within the crypto realm. Our brand needed to reflect where our business stands today, the tremendous value we bring and to support our growth in the future.”

Unveiling Our New Visual Identity.

Our mantra as a business is to ignite innovation to connect individuals with their crypto with their financial goals and lives. Our new brand identity articulates this mantra holistically for every product under the Connect ecosystem to uphold the statement to CONNECT people to their crypto, finances, world, and lives. No longer are we in an age where crypto is an unattached asset from our everyday lives. As more and more adoption occurs daily from users to businesses accepting digital assets — we strive to be the leaders in establishing truly harmonious crypto and financial to life experiences.

The new brand identity reflects our transformation and strategy to emphasize our commitment to empowering customers worldwide to do what our brand says — Connect. Every aspect of the connect platform is interconnected — bringing users to their crypto, credit, fiat, investments, earnings, financial goals and management under one holistic platform. The new identity is an evolution of the previous identity, with a look and feel that embodies our determination and genuine focus to bring tangibility to digital assets.

The entire brand identity visually represents this ‘interconnected’ aspect by combining and overlapping its letterforms. We’ve positioned one element, ‘the last C’ in the brand identity, to stand out as its complete individual form even though all letters surrounding it connect inward to it. This form position represents our customers. As with many digital platforms, the external touchpoint is, in fact, the customers of the solution. Our customers and how they engage with the platform is as unique and tailored to their needs as they are unique themselves. They are our focus. They are why we are building these products. We bring every aspect of the connected ecosystem tools, features, products towards them — combining them with all the elements they need to effortlessly manage their crypto to fiat to financial goals in harmony, flexibility and simplicity with their lives.

When we dive deeper into the supporting brand color methodology, this brand identity is strong, balanced and brings legibility, contrast and emphasis on the connected elements as a singular color. It’s white on a dark background, black on a light background. Evoking accurate color psychology and reaction into a brand identity is imperative to make an emotional connection, improving its memorability with its customers. White is known psychologically to bring forth happiness, sincerity and purity, while black is known for its sophistication, power and elegance. When people are dealing with their financial goals, we want to be evoking these key emotional attributes with them. The brand’s primary hues are surrounded and interjected with high-intensity voluptuous color schemes for every product segmentation and utilize the entire color spectrum to represent diversity and inclusion.

Enriched Product Suite

This website launch focused on featuring our entire Connect product ecosystem. Expanding from the original focus on bringing to market the first genuine crypto-backed Visa credit card — to encompassing our leading digital wallets, earn products and our CNFI tokens. Granular details, features, functionality and benefits are showcased and well-articulated for each product segmentation. We are working hard at completing the back-end development requirements to launch fully. Stay tuned for future updates on the progression of our products.

To discover our new website and brand, please visit: