Connect Financial Weekly Update

Hello everybody and welcome back, you’ve all survived yet another week so here is your reward in form of some Weekly Updates!

As some of you may have noticed our token portal got an upgrade this last week with the addition of native support for the following wallets:

Metamask, Authereum, Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey, Cobo Vault, Wallet Connect, Opera, Torus, Coinbase Wallet, Frame, Gnosis Safe, and the XDefi Wallet.

We’ve also made preparations for cross chain usage with network checking by the portal to make sure you are on the correct chain based on which contract you’re interacting with.

The next steps for the Token Portal will give it a facelift to better match with the rest of the new landing site. We will also see the initial release of the UI for the Governance and the Treasury displays.

On the topic of the landing site update, the team is finalizing the updated graphics for the final release version of the site. You can wholly expect it to be live within the week roughly. The designer, who happens to be the same who joined us as the lead for the marketing team, had a bit of onboarding limit her time over the last week but this is firmly on her agenda for this week to nail down.

The Contracts team has finalized our initial Treasury and Yield contracts. We have tested them thoroughly on testnet and are preparing them for Mainnet deploy where they will join together with the Governance contract to complete that portion of our ecosystem. We will give more details on the Yield system over the next couple of weeks including how you can participate and what it means for the Connect Protocol. Along with a refresher on the pCNFI tokens, the Governance model and general Treasury duties.

The white paper creation is well under along with the support/FAQ section writing. There was quite a bit of outlining done over the last week and now those pieces are being broken down and individually fleshed out.

We are leaning towards a phased roll out of the white paper sections for our community vs waiting for it to be done in its entirety. This will give an even deeper detailed look at some of the systems and merits of the Connect Ecosystem.

As always we thank our community for being here, and truly hope you are all remaining safe.

And just a small reminder, as we run in two week intervals for major work completion, this is our in between week so the update may seem a bit shorter.